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New Offerwall Added
Sep 25, 2020 at 05:57 AM

Yesterday new Offerwall was added SurveyXa.

Attention please
May 9, 2020 at 11:21 AM

Hope you are doing well!

This is very bad that we are getting complaints from clients on data issues.

We are informed by the client that there are some duplication in this study, where one respondent is filling the survey from multiple IDs. Below are the bad ids, could you please help check and share more details of these ids.

Responses removed due to multiple flags including one or more of the following: answers from google, net worth or income outliers, suggesting they had seen sponsorship but not naming any particular event, nonsensical answers to brand questions / poor English, large miss-estimation of the cost of luxury goods etc.

So now we if we will find any such above actives we will suspend the account .
Reasons for suspending account:
  • If someone have Duplicate accounts ( only one account accept from his/her house and must be 18+ age)
  • High reversals
  • Blacklisted by network or blocked 
  • Repeating of same surveys from same Network after enough warnings
  • Proxy / VPN Detected
Thanks and regards,
DollarHot Team

Lootably Rule : Only 1 offer [ Take A Survey ] is allowed to be completed per Day. You can not take more than surveys even if it is Different Survey or Different rate. Completing more than 1 survey from Lootably is Strictly NOT ACCEPTED. Offers completed more than this Limit will be reversed immediately.and your account may be terminated as well you must wait 24 hours to repeat same point offer router survey in Lootably if we found you doing more than 1 offer with same point from Lootably both will reversed immediate effect